Manage costs for accountants and improve experience.

The most effective way to speed workflows and reduce expenses is to automate manual and paper-intensive processes? Our solutions help to get a handle on documents and information to streamline internal processing, lower operational costs, and boost customer engagement. In fact, seven of the top 10 global banks use our devices, and over 150 insurance companies rely on us to improve operational efficiency.

At FXBC Mid North Coast, we can help to:

  • Automatically capture information
  • Reduce operating costs and improve processes
  • Automate manual, paper-based tasks
  • Minimize hard copy storage
  • Eliminate shipping and mailing costs
  • Improve efficiency and reduce document retrieval time

Integrated print management services

Print management services improve document security.

Do you want to reduce print costs and print device numbers while still serving the same number of staff? Our print management services improve document security, reduce paper wastage, and support your sustainability and environmental policies.

For example, our Follow Me print functionality requires authentication on every job before releasing the printing. The system automatically tracks the user, and it works whether the print request comes via your network or a mobile device,

Our extensive reporting details print volumes, downtime, and support response times. You can maintain ongoing objectives such as cost efficiency, minimal downtime, improved performance, and reduced wastage.

Because the device-user interface is consistent and standardised, your staff can walk into any branch and use the equipment without hesitation. And our service guarantees that your devices always have toner, paper, and are fully functional.

FXBC Mid North Coast provide and service a range of FujiFilm and Lexmark copiers, printers and software to ensure we have a printing solution to suit all needs, especially accountants.

Case Study


“We now have good statistics provided by the FujiFilm on what we use in each branch, and what our forecast volumes are, so it allows us to look for paper volume reductions and we’ve achieved reductions.”

David Johnston
Business Process Manager,
Heritage Bank