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Papercut allows you to manage your print by being able to see who is printing, what they are printing, when they are printed and on which device from a central dashboard. You can create rules to limit user behaviour and enforce sensible printing policies, for example, print duplex.

Allow staff to print with their mobile device. Protect sensitive documents with a secure release feature. Track costs by user, department or client and set print quotas. Share the environmental impact with users.

ApeosWare Management Suite 2

ApeosWare Management Suite 2 is a software that can manage devices and their usages, and provides integrated authentication, print output, log accounting, and document distribution.

Documents can be used to increase operational efficiency by implementing features across a fleet of devices.

Make users cost conscious by displaying the cost to print their job.


Ezescan is a powerful business process automation application designed to be used to deliver hardcopy document and electronic file capture, conversion, processing and routing directly to the desired network location or supported line of business applications.


Inefficient document handling can slow your business down and prevent you from closing sales, solving a customer problem or getting products out the door. eCopy eliminates bottlenecks and gives your employees the ability to capture documents to more efficient digital document processes at the touch of a button.

With eCopy employees can access critical document processes to keep business moving smoothly. Whether they’re working together or collaborating with vendors or customers, employees can use multi-function devices to access paper in the office, on smartphones or tablets to capture data whenever – and wherever – they need it.


Versant 180

Drowning in documents?

Digitally store your important documents safely and securely with easy data retrieval software. We guarantee your information is 100% secure and confidential.


Why people have chosen to use Elite Scanning
Solutions for their business documents:

Reduce Costs

Businesses no longer need to pay for offsite storage fees.

Easily search for files

Documents can be searched for electronically not only by the file name but by words within the document.

Increased efficiency

Staff can now access files digitally from their computers rather than having to wait for the offsite storage company to deliver the files back to the office.

Mitigate risk

Unfortunately, paper deteriorates, be it from fire, flood, vermin or age, and in this area alone floods have permanently destroyed original files.

Meet legal obligations

The NSW State Government states “there is no barrier to organisations tendering digital images of records as evidence. They can be considered suitable to submit in legal proceedings.”

Free up office space

Precious office space no longer needs to be allocated to storing archive boxes of filing cabinets.

What is the process?

We take care of your documents every step of the way … 

Scan Project


A non-disclosure agreement is signed then your trial archive box is processed and scanned.

A recommendations report presents cost comparisons demonstrating your actual scanned documents.

Pickup &


Documents are picked up by a secure courier & stored in a secure, locked facility with access control.

Documents are then prepared for scanning by repairing creased documents, removing staples and separating bound documents.

Scanning &


We use an industrial grade hardware to scan documents with in-built fail safes and multi-feed detection.

Metadata from documents is captured and files are named and sorted how you would like them presented.

Delivery &


Scanned documents are then digitally delivered via the cloud or portable hardware.

After reviewing and with permission we arrange secure destruction of paper files.

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