Streamlining your Aged Care facility

The best suited technology for your facility is technology which can significantly improves your service delivery, with solutions that are easy to use, despite who’s using them. Working together, we can help support Aged Care outcomes and turn the current sector reform into an opportunity to change how care can be administered.

Managed Print Services

Optimising Usage of your Office Devices  
We will apply robust processes and tools to proactively analyse and optimise the use of your office output devices (printers, faxes, and multifunction devices) across your environment. Your Benefits from Fujifilm’s Business Innovation Print Services 

  • Free up staff to focus on core business
  • Single point of management for all your office devices
  • Accurate asset database
  • Office equipment control
  • Total environment visibility
  • Increased return on investment (ROI)
  • Equipment aligned to user requirements

Technology improvements within your facility

Our approach into advancing the technologies within Aged Care facilities, any issues around data management and overall efficiency within your facility are solved easily in an integrated manner, to ensure we’re working smarter. Let’s take the hard work out of your day by implementing technological solutions that can make instant improvements to the workplace.

Unified Printing Solutions

Studies have shown that aged care providers across Australia have found themselves without a standard printing operation across their sites. This makes for difficult and confusing equipment and contracts across all sites.

A solution to the growing confusion between state levels and staff across sites is to introduce a single vendor solution across all local sites which will increase productivity and reduce confusion. By allowing us to take the burden off your staff and letting us take care of your contract, devices and IT issues. At FXBC Mid North Coast, we can show you how effortless your printing can be.