EdInduct makes managing volunteers in your school easier. EdInduct delivers a seamless and automated solution to manage volunteer and casual worker induction documentation seamless, collaborative, and compliant.

Schools rely on their casual and volunteer workers for a range of responsibilities and functions, including;

  • Managing the canteen
  • Running the second-hand uniform shop
  • Reading with students
  • Coaching and assistant coaching of sporting and extra-curricular teams
  • Excursion supervision
  • Fundraising programs and events from cake stalls to fetes and everything in between.

All of these volunteers and workers must carry out the necessary checks, training and induction into school processes in order to be able to work within the school community. And, with the very nature of casual and volunteer workers no sooner have you inducted a worker and its time to off board them and induct new workers.

Give the admin and compliance burden to EdInduct and provide a better experience to staff and volunteers.

Power your volunteer and casual worker management with EdInduct

What are the key issues with existing induction processes in schools?

The most common issues affecting schools across Australia is the use of labour intensive manual processes, taking up much needed time for more meaningful tasks and putting your school at risk of noncompliance.

When the induction process is reliant on school admin and teaching staff and manual processes it can become a timely ongoing task:

  • Staff need to send out forms, documents and agreements by email.
  • Workers need to print forms, documents and agreements, sign them, scan them and return via email or post hard copies to the school.
  • School staff need to check documentation completion, review, validate and then manage the recording and storing of this information.

That’s why at FUJIFILM Business Innovation, we’re powering the casual and volunteer worker induction process with EdInduct.

Why EdInduct?

EdInduct accelerates the induction process significantly reducing staff involvement by providing:

  • Easy-to-use digital platform for generating, uploading, reviewing, completing, and exchanging documentation between the school and workers.
  • Accommodates all categories of paid casual workers (hobby income, contractor, employee).
  • Automates workflows, notifications and reminders throughout the induction process;
  • Provides full audit traceability; and
  • Offers a mobile-friendly cloud-based solution.

And it has been designed so that staff can use it intuitively,

  • “Drag and drop” functionality facilitates self-service significantly reducing the need for additional professional services once implemented.
  • Implementation is quick and simple.

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