FXBC Mid North Coast proudly stands as the leading photocopier provider in the Mid North Coast region. As an respected award-winning supplier of FujiFilm copiers right here on the Mid North Coast, we’ve dedicated ourselves to setting industry standards for excellence and innovation. 

Our reach extends across areas such as Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo, and all areas to Port Macquarie. What distinguishes FXBC Mid North Coast is our unwavering commitment to delivering excellent and efficient service, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations. But our true differentiator lies in our dedication to transparency with agreements, providing you with unparalleled clarity and peace of mind in our partnerships. 

With a track record of enduring relationships with fundamental organisations like the Department of Education, Human Services, and the Police, we’re consistently proving ourselves as Mid North Coast’s trusted Copier supplier.

Apeos Copiers

  • Copy / Print: Colour/Monochrome 70 ppm
  • Scan: Colour/Monochrome 270 ppm
  • Fax: Super G3 Fax
  • Printing Resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi
  • Cloud-enabled
  • Mobile enabled
  • Scan business cards
  • Security

Simple layout with easy navigation

Black and grey tone UI gives better contrast for easy recognition.

  • Icons are evenly spread for easy recognition
  • Consistent operation steps of each function for easy recall
  • Home screen personalisation for ease of access to commonly used functions
  • Pin regular settings for registering frequent or repeated jobs
  • Clear visible light notifications for completed or error jobs
  • Subtle sound notification for alert and attention

Accelerated operations with no wait time

Our Copiers have quick startup and output for greater efficiency

  • Quick warm-up in less than 24 seconds
  • Fast Boot Mode prepares the operation panel in 6 seconds
  • First Copy Output Time in 3.3 seconds
    *1: Depending on the status of the main unit and configuration of options, it may not operate or take more than 6 seconds.
    *2: A4 LEF for C7070/C6570 when in horizontal/Monochrome preferred mode