Bring innovation to your workplace with our collaborative screens.  

Our Newline Collaboration Display incorporate two-way broadcast communication using an open platform, with an inbuilt camera, microphone array, speakers, PC and touchscreen ‘whiteboard’ capabilities with only one cable required. With compelling graphic and interactive abilities, full sharing and control capabilities and safety features like blue light filters, optional bonding and microbial certification, the Newline screen is a powerful all-rounder for seamless, next-generation communication.  

Collaboration made easy.

Take charge with simple, intuitive controls – no need to have a technical expert in the room, with wireless plug ‘n ‘play versatility. You can change presenters at will, make changes using the interactive touch screen, and see and hear everyone in the meeting with wide view 4K clarity and powerful 2-way sound quality.

The power of all-in-one.

Simplify and streamline by consolidating traditional communication devices into an all-in-one setup. Say goodbye to projectors, microphones, cameras, interactive whiteboards, PC’s, speakers,
trailing cables, and technical interruptions. The Newline Q+ can also be mobile or fixed in place, thanks to wireless connectivity.

Health & Safety Comes First!

Newline Q+ has a TÜV-certified antimicrobial coating, a physical blue-light filter, and optical bonding. This means your display is light but sturdy, safer than non-bonded touchscreens, with improved viewing angles and touch accuracy.

Almost limitless capabilities.

Compatible with Zoom, Teams, Google, Webex, and more. You can also access a broad range of apps with Android connectivity to encourage engagement and problem-solving for any audience.

Keep your information safe and feel supported.

Keep your information safe and feel supported. The Newline Q+ has multiple security defenses and settings like a USB lock, profile passkey, meeting data administrative protection, plus Android 11OS and WIFI 6 certification. With easy web-based device management and our customer service advantage – be assured that support is available wherever you are, should you need it.

The Newline Collaboration Display features antimicrobial glass: Interactive displays have multiple users to work and collaborate on the display. Newline has implemented a TUV certified antimicrobial coating on the interactive display.  

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