Having digital documents in your business has powerful advantages, at Elite Scanning Solutions we find, capture and use the data inherent in your documents will help improve the way your business works.

Why scan your documents?

Your documents contain “meta-data” such as invoice numbers, dates, customer or client codes, asset numbers, ABNs, addresses, names, product descriptions, license numbers and so on. We can show you how to leverage your data to make your documents locatable, portable and add value, instead of just being a static piece of paper.

How does Elite Scanning Solutions help your business?

  • Instant access to information digitally rather than having to search through hard copy files in boxes for the documents needed.
  • Reduced costs with the reduction and even elimination of offsite storage costs.
  • More space. because you won’t need filing cabinets and storage rooms!
  • Document security, easy information sharing and a portable workforce.
  • Significantly mitigate risk of theft, loss or damage.

Scan on Demand

This service is designed to streamline your document handling processes by facilitating regular pickups and scanning of your most recent hard copy documents.

Our team will organise scheduled pickups of your physical documents, ensuring that no crucial information is left in its original format. These documents will then be ex scanned and converted into digital formats, providing you with a secure and easily accessible digital archive.

Project Scooping

We will conduct a thorough examination of the project’s requirements, carefully evaluating the components involved. This evaluation will encompass an analysis of your documents, enabling us to discern and recommend the most effective and efficient approach to address the project’s needs.

As part of our commitment to safeguarding the confidentiality and proprietary nature of your project, we will also initiate the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), ensuring that your sensitive information and data remain protected throughout the project’s duration.

Back Scanning

We offer the capability to efficiently scan and digitally archive your essential documents, thereby affording you the convenience of decluttering your physical workspace, eliminating the need for copious folders and filing cabinets. This digitisation process empowers you to curtail expenses associated with external document storage, ushering in a streamlined and cost-effective approach to managing your valuable records.

The Scanning Process

Step 1 – Project Scoping

In a detailed assessment, we’ll scope what’s involved & analyse your documents to determine the best approach.

  • Non-disclosure agreement signed
  • Test documents taken, processed and scanned

Step 2 – Report of recommendations

Our recommendations report looks at your options, making you well equipped to make the right decision.

  • Cost comparisons, demonstration using test documents and project budget presented
  • Consideration given to disaster recovery
  • Final destination of digital documents decided
  • Decision point

Step 3 – Document Pickup

Your documents will be picked up by a secure courier at an agreed time and date. They’re treated as confidential freight and shipped directly to our facility.

Step 4 – Preparation and Processing

Our expert staff will prepare your documents for scanning, including:

  • Repairing creased documents
  • Removing staples
  • Separating bound documents

Step 5 – Scanning

We guarantee the best possible capture and completeness of your images

  • By using high-resolution, industrial grade hardware
  • With built in fail-safes and securing features
  • Multi-feed detection allows for de-skewing and orientation correction

Step 6 – Software Enhancement

  • Capturing your metadata
  • Naming and sorting your files with a pre-determined structure
  • Validating your files against spreadsheets and databases if available

Step 7 – Digital Delivery and Destruction

Once scanned, we make your digital documents available for download from the cloud, or provide them to you on a portable hard drive. In many cases, we can file your digital documents directly into an application or system.

After you review the digital version of your documents – and with your permission – we arrange the secure destruction of your paper files.


“We engaged Elite Scanning Solutions to assist in transitioning our business to a paperless model. We had almost 50 years of documents to scan & 3 months to complete the project before we moved to our new Corporate Office in Coffs Central.

At each stage of the process Elite kept us informed of their progress & adapted throughout the project to accommodate our needs.

David and his staff had the upmost in professionalism & we could not recommend Elite more highly.

We are proud to support local business wherever possible and can highly recommend David & the Elite team.”

William Hill – BCU Chief Operating Officer