Being Cerner Validated means being committed to supporting the healthcare industry with advanced and innovative solutions with Cerner Millennium application compatibility.

Cerner Corporation is an international health care information technology company specialising in providing complete systems for hospitals and medical organisations. These systems help manage and integrate all electronic medical records, computerised physician order entry (CPOE), and financial information. The Cerner Validated program evaluates devices or IT related products with rigorous testing and compatibility assessments with Cerner Millennium applications. 

The following Fujifilm devices have been passed as Cerner Validated:

A3 Colour Multifunction Devices

  • Apeos C7070
  • Apeos C6570
  • Apeos C5570
  • Apeos C4570
  • Apeos C3570
  • Apeos C2570
  • Apeos C3060
  • Apeos C2560
  • Apeos C2060

A3 Mono Multifunction Devices

  • Apeos 5570
  • Apeos 4570
  • Apeos 3560
  • Apeos 3060
  • Apeos 2560

A4 Colour Multifunction Devices

  • Apeos C4030
  • Apeos C3530

Colour Printers A4

  • ApeosPrint C4030

A4 Mono Multifunction Devices

  • Apeos 5330
  • Apeos 4830

With Cerner validation, we can help provide the healthcare industry a greater peace of mind so they can focus on what really matters – patient outcomes. We provide the validated products to Cerner until the products’ end of service life, so that the Cerner help desk can provide detailed support to healthcare IT staff 24/7– 365 days a year. If a printer in an emergency room is down at 4 A.M, the hospital can call the Cerner help desk and receive immediate remote support for that printer.

“We’re thrilled to have received this validation from Cerner. It’s a true testament to not only the quality of our products, but also our commitment to serving the evolving needs of the healthcare industry”, said Kenny Au, EDS Senior Product Marketing Manager, Fujifilm Business Innovation. “By attaining this validation, we hope that more healthcare providers can choose Fujifilm devices with confidence, knowing that our most popular multifunction devices and printers are Cerner Validated.”