FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific has been awarded the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2023 A4 Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence for Apeos C5240 and C4030 printers.

We won the BLI 2023 A4 Pick Awards, here’s why!

The Apeos C5240 and Apeos C4030 printers earned this recognition for their impressive usability, professional colour image quality and flexible mobile and cloud options which facilitate effective collaboration anywhere, especially for small to mid-sized workgroup.

“The Fujifilm Apeos C5240 is a highly reliable device that can handle large volumes without misfeeding or malfunctioning, proven in our 158,000-impression test. Similarly, the Fujifilm Apeos C4030, produced 88,000 impressions without any misfeed or handling throughout the testing.” Said Tony Maceri, Senior Lab Technician at Keypoint Intelligence.

“Fujifilm’s Apeos C5240 delivered impressive print and scan speeds, along with smaller than average scan file sizes for efficient digitisation. What’s more, both devices produced consistent, bright and smooth business colour output.”

The Apeos C5240 and Apeos C4030 support hybrid workstyles with mobile and cloud-based solutions, enabling connectivity at any location. Both models are compatible with Microsoft Universal Print, eliminating the need for print servers. Allowing users to print from anywhere without having to install a printer driver.

“Tools that enable collaboration for hybrid and office workers are vital. Mobile and cloud connectivity offered can be accessed with confidence that workflows are secure. A well-designed print driver and an intuitive user interface (UI) make the workstation and walk-up tasks an absolute breeze. The complete value proposition, the Apeos C4030 makes it an obvious choice for a Pick Award from Keypoint Intelligence.” 

To mitigate evolving document security risks, Apeos C5240 and Apeos C4030 printers are equipped with a host of security features, ensuring optimal protection of confidential information. Including compatibility with WPA3 protocol for robust security of wireless LANs. Along with adopting the Trusted Platform Module 2.0*1 security chip. This conforms to the latest encryption regulations from the Trusted Computing Group (TCG)*2. Both printers have surpassed the strict benchmarks of Keypoint Intelligence’s Security Validation Test for Device Penetration*3.

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