Do you know how to determine what you need?

Getting a new copier for your business can be compared to going to the dentist, however, it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Here are three steps to break down the process to ensure you get the best copier deal for your business.

1. Assessment

It’s best to get an understanding of what you currently use your copier for and if it is meeting your current needs as well as your predicted future needs.

  • Did you buy your copier or are you leasing it?
  • When did you start this service agreement and when does it end?
  • How much printing are you doing on your current device on average per month?
  • Are you outsourcing print work that can be completed on your office device? Or would you like the feature to be able to complete tasks on your copier which you currently cannot because the copier does not have those accessories? Is it worth the effort to do this print work internally?
  • What do you like and not like about your current copier?
  • Do you need to staple, scan to USB, fax, and make booklets?

These questions will assist in giving you an understanding of what type of copier will work best in your business.


Ensure that you inform the salespeople of all the important data, such as, that you have $4000 left on your current lease. Also ask for references from other local businesses that are currently with those suppliers and ask for details such as how long it takes them to respond to a service request.

3. Comparing Quotes

This can be a difficult one depending on how the salesperson has presented the proposal to you however you can break this down by the monthly rental plus the colour and mono click charges by the average amount of printing you do per month to calculate the total costs per month. Also, ensure that the pricing includes all the features that you need, it’s no good comparing a price for something that doesn’t make booklets that you need.

Once this is all done you can be confident you get the best copier deal for your business. You are now ready to choose a supplier and then get the pen out and sign the contract.

At FXBC we have a wide range of copiers, printers, software, and services to help you achieve maximum efficiency to save you money. Review our range of products and schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.