Anytime Print – quality material, high support and fixed rates

School business managers like to be liked (as do most people). Nobody likes to refuse staff requests or put a dampener on creativity because of financial constraints or uncertainty about cash flow. 

It’s a fact of life at schools. Teaching and learning, along with the support services that keep students coming through the doors, demands a high volume of printed material, from branding and marketing through to graduation and beyond. Treading the path between budget limits and approving print collateral often falls to the business manager. 
Larger institutions have expert users and on-site print facilities to cater to almost all requirements but may also be looking to re-purpose space and move to ‘as a service’ procurement. Many smaller schools are looking for the same benefits – an expert, outsourced service to give a nimble off-site alternative from a single supplier, with a secure online portal, and the ability to scale up and down with reduced overheads.

Anytime Print is that viable alternative. With no compromise on quality or expert knowledge, Anytime Print gives school business managers the confidence of fully managed end-to-end print production services, the comfort of known costs in a fixed rate card and a simple, low-commitment customised Service Level Agreement.

Reduced overheads 

It’s not just about the cost of paper, ink and machine. There are considerable overheads and operational costs that accompany your printing budget. Many of these outgoings appear to be unrelated to print outputs but do contribute to school overheads. In contrast, a fully managed service like Anytime Print can reduce hidden costs in these ways:  

  • HR resourcing
  • We cover training, administration, payroll and HR overheads.  
  • The simple engagement interface reduces time and effort for all end users. 
  • A single monthly invoice reduces time and effort on the accounts payable process and vendor management.
  • Device maintenance
  • Our fully trained teams keep all our devices, equipment and stock levels in optimum condition; safety checks and tight governance is standard across all our facilities.
  • Technology
  • The portal is hosted in a private cloud – no need for clients to provide and manage servers, ensures up-to-date cybersecurity. 
  • Updates, downtime, backup, security and compliance never impacts on delivery
  • The portal provides workflow automation and real-time information. This allows our staff to focus on production rather than manually managing the process. Time-saving initiatives keep our clients’ print costs low.
  • General facilities overheads
  • Space reductions for production machinery, finishing equipment and paper stock frees up precious real estate.
  • Reduces power expenses, capital borrowings and other overheads
  • Printing as needed helps to maintain the currency of your documentation – old documents and collaterals kept on shelves easily becomes out of date and obsolete – which can raise compliance issues.

What’s behind the Anytime Print Fixed Rate Card?

  • Print rates negotiated annually, based on your major requirements
  • Transport to and from our Digital Communications Centre 
  • Online portal for all users, customised for your school 
  • Access to Digital Communications Centre facilities including best-in-class equipment and professional print experts, a full range of paper stock and finishing equipment 
  • Additional dedicated account manager support if required
  • Single monthly invoice for all print jobs

Once contractual details are finalised, implementation of the Anytime Print Service includes tailored configurations of the portal, training and change management with users and support for internal marketing and communications to launch and promote the service. 

Considering scalability and increased efficiency for school printing? Talk to us about how Anytime Print can help you say ‘yes’ to that next print request.