We have all heard about the recent Optus and Medibank data breaches by now, but these breaches raise concerns. Concerns such as, what is your company doing to ensure cyber security risks are mitigated?

Today multi-function devices do so much more than just printing, photocopying and scanning. A multi-function device is now a gateway for processing data and creating digital documents from paper copies. In turn can be routed to business application within our outside of the organisation. They are at the center of the IT eco system, they are well connected to all IT peripherals and applications. Therefore, if this gateway is not secured there is considerable potential for a security/ data breaches. Businesses shouldn’t overlook the security of their multi-function devices and lock gateways that leave them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

What we can do to help.

FujiFilm provides holistic security to protect network, documents and valuable information. At the core, FujiFilm have security certified hardware devices with embedded solutions to protect from any threats. This layer ensures utmost security of devices based on compliances with industry security standards.

The second layer, managed print and security services offer a tool to set up device control policy, audit trail reporting, providing complete visibility on performance and access of the device. This ensures security of documents from internal and external traits.

In the final layer, we offer several solutions and services to provide print management solutions, print content security, process automation, information rights management and business intelligence. This not only strengthens the security but also provides other benefits. Such as in the area of cost optimisation, digital transformation and mobility.

FujiFilm devices combat threats with features and functions that protect your data. We classify these features into four groups including security in a box, authentication, and access control, securing paper and digital documents and audit trails.

Establishing an in-depth defensive approach, such as these security considerations mentions will help ensure MFDs are used in a secure manner within the office environment.