by Conor O’Sullivan, Service Development Manager, Kimmo Kolari, Head, Document Outsourcing & Communications Services

“Digital Transformation…”

It’s the phrase on everybody’s lips. Organisations of every size and scale are obsessed with it. All the major business consultancies, business periodicals and experts from the most prestigious universities and companies all over the world are telling you that you better be doing it too. Or else.

But, when you get down to it, what is Digital Transformation? What does it really mean to you and your organisation? And where’s the best place to start?

Digitisation or Digital Transformation. What’s the difference?

Digitisation and Digital Transformation are two entirely separate things. And it is important to understand their difference and which process should come first.

Digitisation involves standardizing and digitising business processes and is typically associated with lowering costs and improving operational processes.

In other words, with Digitisation, you closely examine every part of the way your business processes work and figure out where it might make more sense to substitute a digital alternative.

For example, is it really necessary to have three people performing a basic administration task when software could do it much faster and with less errors?

Digital Transformation on the other hand is all about rethinking the company’s entire value proposition, not just its operations.

The keyword here is Transformation. This means looking at every part of what a company is and, if necessary, changing everything, reinventing every part of it, to best take advantage of the possibilities that digital technologies offer.

This is clearly no small task. So where do you

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