In today’s fast-paced, hybrid working world, staying connected with customers and clients is crucial. The primary mode of communication for most businesses is telephony, however traditional telephony systems often lack the necessary tools to truly understand and optimise this vital aspect of their operations.

Imagine this scenario...

You’re in your office, and your phone system, while functional, is essentially a black box. You can make and receive calls, but you have limited visibility into what’s happening on the other end. Are your employees effectively engaging with customers? Are calls being missed or going unanswered? Is your team providing the best possible customer service?

This lack of insight is a significant issue, especially in today’s world of remote and hybrid work where there is a serious talent shortage that threatens the operations of every business. When employees are scattered across different locations or working remotely. The challenge of monitoring and managing telephony interactions becomes even more complex. Traditional systems simply cannot provide the necessary data and analytics to understand these interactions fully.

This is where the need for better telephony technology comes into play. Modern telephony solutions, such as UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), offer a wealth of features that traditional systems lack. With the right UCaaS solution, you can check the “pulse” of your business telephony in real-time.

The new standard of telephony gives businesses owners and managers the capability to perform status checks on staff’s performance. Business leaders should have access to how many calls their teams are doing, when certain resources are available to take calls, and 24/7 visibility over the productivity of their entire team – no matter the location.

This not only gives business owners and managers certainty that their people are doing what they’re supposed to do, it also allows them to make broader business decisions about the operational efficiency of their organisation as a whole. Traditional phone systems simply give you nothing – no visibility, no team accountability. This lack of certainty means businesses are resistant to hybrid working structures, negatively impacting staff morale and culture and putting a halt on hiring regional (or global) resources that can only work remotely.

Modern telephony can provide you with all of this, and more.

Here’s what to look for in a UCaaS solution:

  • Comprehensive Analytics: UCaaS platforms provide detailed call analytics, allowing you to track call volumes, call durations, response times, and more. This data empowers you to make informed decisions about staffing, customer service, and resource allocation.

  • Call Recording and Monitoring: UCaaS systems often include call recording and monitoring capabilities. Enabling you to review interactions for quality assurance and training purposes. This is especially valuable for remote workers, ensuring they maintain high service standards.

  • Advanced Reporting: Beyond basic call metrics, UCaaS platforms offer advanced reporting features. You can generate custom reports tailored to your specific business needs, gaining deeper insights into customer interactions and employee performance.

  • Presence Management: UCaaS systems often include presence management features that indicate whether employees are available, busy, or offline. This visibility is critical for efficient call routing and ensuring that customers reach the right person.

  • Integration Capabilities: UCaaS can integrate with other business tools and systems, providing a holistic view of customer interactions. This allows for seamless customer relationship management and a more unified customer experience.

The Power of Telephony Technology in Transforming Hybrid Work

Hybrid work, when done right with the aid of telephony technology, offers a promising solution. It’s more than just a compromise between office and remote work, it’s a strategy that can enhance productivity and accountability. When telephony technology enables employees to access information and collaborate seamlessly, the office becomes a hub for culture development and collaboration with diversely skilled resources located across the country (or world!).

For many white-collar businesses, traditional phones are still the norm. However, it’s time to expect more from your telephony so you can compete for top talent and evolve your business to thrive remotely. Just as we have smartphones, businesses need smart telephony solutions that offer insights and data in real time, at all times.

The new standard of telephony should provide insights, data, and a ‘pulse check’ on your business’s communication. If it doesn’t, you need to make a change.

The Industry Leader in Telephony Technology

FXBC Mid North Coast partners with Australian-based Unified Communications provider, Access4, to offer our customers best in class telephony. Built on a multi-tenanted solution with robust infrastructure, Access4 provides redundancy of network, unmatched security and the visibility you need to run a highly effective remote or hybrid working structure.

To gain the most from your hybrid workforce, send us your latest phone bill and we’ll do a complimentary health check for you.

We’re offering customers a health check on their telephony, completely complimentary, to provide you with sound recommendations on how to upgrade your telephony standards and achieve success across your current, or future hybrid workforce.

With a quick glance over your current telephony technology, we can give you valuable insights to ensure you, and your phones, are set up to provide you with the visibility and peace of mind you need to operate a business in a remote and hybrid working world.