ApeosPro C810 / C750 / C650

The Fujifilm ApeosPro C810 / C750 / C650 is built on a next-generation hybrid platform based on the principles of security, efficiency and performance.


The Fujifilm ApeosPro C810 / C750 / C650 Printer is built on a next-generation hybrid platform based on the principles of security, efficiency, usability and performance. It is designed to enable businesses to print more with outstanding quality on a wider range of substrates. The device will exceed the needs of marketing & creative brand owners and help generate revenue for graphic arts customers while its unique hybrid capabilities support a broad range of needs from remote working and traditional office environments to colour management and professional printing.


  • Copy / Print: Colour/Monochrome 81 ppm*1
  • Scan: Colour/Monochrome 270 ppm*2
  • Fax*3: Super G3 Fax
  • Printing Resolution: 2400 x 2400 dpi
  • Paper Weight: 52 to 350 gsm
  • Paper Size: 100 x 148 mm to 330 x 1300 mm
  • Cloud enabled
  • Mobile enabled
  • Supports Long paper
    *1: For C810. C750 is 75 ppm, and C650 is 65 ppm.
    *2: 1 pass, 2 sided scanning.
    *3: Optional.
The ApeosPro Series is for a business that requires:
  • A device that can create flyers and catalogues quickly to take advantage of business opportunities
  • A device that can make beautiful in-house samples that cannot be taken outside, such as mock-ups of new products
  • A device that can print on a wide range of papers such as lightweight paper, cardstock paper, and embossed paper
  • A device for general office use, in terms of functions and operability
  • Sharing creative team's output management with other teams



Promotes in-house production of eye-catching promotional materials

Supports a wide range of paper sizes and thicknesses, and can create a variety of deliverables. You can easily create flyers, business cards, and posters to expand your business.

  • Supports a wide range of sizes from postcards to long paper (330 x 1300 mm*)
  • Supports a wide range of thicknesses from 52 gsm lightweight paper to 350 gsm cardstock paper
  • Renewed the core technology for image writing, and prints beautifully even on envelopes and embossed paper with uneven surface
    * When feeding paper from Bypass Tray installed directly to the printer, or from Multi Sheet Inserter for Banner Print. When printing on one side.
    2 sided printing is up to 330 x 762 mm.

Print beautifully on various types of paper

Supports the various characteristics of paper, enabling high-precision output.

  • The sensor detects misalignment of paper traveling at high speed and automatically corrects it
  • By adjusting the force applied to the paper according to the paper thickness, stable paper feed is performed even with cardstock paper, and high registration accuracy is achieved
  • Built-in decurler flattens paper curl and stabilises paper feed
  • While viewing the amount of curl on paper, curl adjustments can be performed in real time*
  • The optimum output conditions for each type of paper, such as transfer conditions, can be registered (maximum: 100) so that high-quality output can be achieved efficiently simply by selecting the paper type
    * Optional.

Variable data printing for effective marketing campaigns

Create in-house highly appealing promotional materials by customising messages and images to suit each individual in the target audience.

  • Supports variable printing, which prints one sheet at a time with the content replaced
  • Supports industry standard PPML with variable printing

Beautiful post-processing output with in-line finishing options

From printing to post-processing, you can do it all at once.

  • Beautifully designed full page photo booklets with full bleed trim
  • High-quality booklet with a square back finish for a flat book spine
  • Crease* function to create unique accordion fold for promotional materials
  • Insert oversized A3 size paper as covers
  • Supports frequently used office functions - Punch, Side Stitch, Saddle Staple, and Single Fold
    Note: Optional. See "Optional" for details on the output options and post-processing.
    * Up to five creases can be made for mountain fold and valley fold. Folding is performed manually.


Professional Output Quality

"World's first" high resolution LED printhead print output

Latest technology to achieve professional quality image and high-definition printing.

  • World's first* LED printhead with 2400 dpi resolution.
  • Vibrant colours with Super EA Eco toner and its smallest toner particles for smooth gradation
  • Clear reproduction of images with fine lines and small text
  • Gloss function brings the beautiful glossy finish to the end product (e.g. photos.)
    * Dry-type electrophotographic method. As of March 2021. According to our research.

Highest productivity level with continuous operations

Excellent durability and ability to handle core output and high volume printing.

  • Achieves print speed as high as 81 ppm*1
  • Low wear photoconductor drum with long life reduces the frequency of drum replacement
  • High capacity paper feed up to 7360 sheets*2
  • Replace toner and add paper without stopping the print jobs in progress, and maximise machine runtime
    *1: For C810. C750 is 75 ppm, and C650 is 65 ppm.
    *2: 80 gsm paper. When High Capacity Feeder C3-DS is installed.

Maintain print quality with easy adjustment

Use inbuilt standard SIQA* to easily & quickly adjust the print quality.

  • Simply scan the dedicated charts to automatically calculate the appropriate adjustment values for both Side 1 & 2 Registration, Density Uniformity Adjustment, and Adjust Image Transfer
  • Quick & simple user operation without need of remembering fine calibration values
  • In addition to print quality, machine utilisation rate is also improved
    * Simple Image Quality Adjustment

Supporting Technologies, World's first*, LED printhead to achieve 2400 x 2400 dpi high resolution

LED printheads, which are compact and have high image quality, have evolved to be sharper and higher definition.


  • Thin emitting light to write the image
  • The exposure unit does not vibrate because there is no drive mechanism
  • High resolution of 2400 dpi and digital magnification correction
    * Dry-type electrophotographic method. As of March 2021. According to our research.

Optimise device performance with GP Controller*

GP Controller provides even higher image quality and productivity.
* Graphic Print Controller

High image quality
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi high-resolution RIP processing
  • 10-bit smooth gradation correction
  • Beautifully reproduces text, thin lines, and gradations
  • 3D calibration that allows for colour adjustment of not only CMYK single colours, and also for mixture of colours
  • RGB images, such as photos, are made even more beautiful by automatically* detecting if they are "Portrait" or "Scenery" and correcting them to match the characteristics
    * You can also specify the correction method manually.


High productivity
  • Heavy duty RIP function with high-speed processing for high-quality or variable data print jobs
  • Equipped as a standard with the RIP accelerator board that produces high speed performance beyond the physical specifications of the server
  • High speed serial transmission technology enables high speed job transfer to multifunction devices
  • Easy operation with drag & drop of jobs during preview tasks like imposition or merging
  • Supports industry standard of Adobe® PDF Print Engine 5.0*
  • Comes with industry standard of JDF* format for higher-level systems integration, post-processing systems or building a hybrid-system with offset-printing
  • Software linkage capability (e.g. variable printing) enhances and streamlines printing operations
    * Optional.

GP Controller D01

Note: - A monitor, key board and mouse are required.
- Images are for illustration purposes only.
- Actual product may change.

Professional quality + Latest office MFD functionalities

One device that can be used for customers who want to use professional use functions and office functions.

  • Equipped with advanced office functions and operability
  • Linkage with software and cloud services streamlines office operations
  • Various output methods are available to suit user needs and skills
  • GP Controller provides detailed output instructions for professional use
  • With the PCL driver, you can easily and conveniently give print instructions for the office

Digitisation of paper documents for effortless document management

With Scan Delivery*, you can automatically process and store scanned images by simply pressing the preset button for each workflow or document type.

  • Automate to set file format, file name, OCR, etc
  • Automatically stores scanned and processed documents in the appropriate destination
  • Specify particular words or characters in a document as the folder or file name
  • 0̸ and other frequently mis-recognised characters can be read correctly
    * Optional.

QR codes and bar codes application

Where QR code or bar code is available on the headsheet or content body of the original document for scanning, Scan Delivery will recognise and process the information accordingly.

Fast and efficient operation

Fast startup and output. You can use it anytime you want.

  • Smart WelcomEyes detects approaching user, and automatically recovers from a power-saving state
  • High-end model, yet recovers from sleep mode within 30 seconds
  • First Copy Output Time of 5.4 seconds*
    * Colour priority mode.

Smartphone becomes a "portable operation panel"

Seamless connectivity with mobile devices for Copy, Fax, Print, Scan*2 jobs using the Print Utility*1 application.

  • Mobile device can be used as an alternative UI for operations control to minimise common touch points
  • Frequent settings can be saved as "Favourites"
  • Directly send fax or email with the addresses stored in the smartphone
  • Minimise printer touch points for hygiene reasons
  • Note: Connect to machine via wireless environment.
  • *1: It can be downloaded free of charge from Google PlayTM or App Store.
  • *2: E-mail, Scan to Folder.

Simple scanning to yourself

With ScanAuto, you can easily send scanned data with a touch of a button

  • Automatically adjusts the orientation or 1-sided/2-sided of the original document
  • Automatically sets user mail address as the destination by using user authentication function


Do not miss any faxes when you are working remotely

Paperless fax function automatically stores received faxes into folders which can be transferred to a PC or sent as emails

  • Received faxes can be forwarded to your mobile device by email
  • Received faxes can be transferred to Working Folder*1
  • It can be sorted by fax number, date received, and person in charge*2
  • Incoming fax processing can be switched by time, day of the week and period*2
  • For example, you can switch from paper-based output to an electronic transfer in a single operation*2
  • *1: Cloud services provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation. A separate contract is required.
  • *2: Optional

Share information anytime, anywhere

With Working Folder* and internet access, documents can be viewed regardless of time and location.

  • Can be linked smoothly with multifunction devices, DocuWorks, and mobile devices
  • Documents in Working Folder can be printed from the control panel
  • Scanned documents will be assigned a file name and stored in Working Folder. An email notification will be sent to relevant users

  • * Cloud services provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation. A separate contract is required.

Easy and secure output even when you are working remotely

With Cloud On-Demand Print*, you can register documents from a PC or mobile device to the cloud server and print them from the designated multifunction device.

  • Can be operated securely using a User ID and password
  • Fear of loss or stolen data is minimised
  • No dedicated driver is required
  • * Cloud services provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation. A separate contract is required.

Centralised cloud integration

Cloud Service Hub* allows single sign-on to multiple cloud storage services.

  • Specific storage location can be assigned for scanned documents directly from the multifunction device
  • Searching documents from multiple cloud services is supported
  • Full-text search on scanned documents can be performed with OCR


  • * Cloud services provided by FUJIFILM Business Innovation. A separate contract is required.

Print out from any multifunction device within the office

With Server-less On-Demand Print*, you have the flexibility to print outs from any of the connected multifunction devices.

  • Improves productivity by printing from another available multifunction device when the current device is in use
  • Up to 100 units can be linked
  • Specific job settings can be revised at the device level to save time (1 sided to 2 sided, all monochrome)
  • * Optional.

Flexibility in office layout

Supports Wireless LAN environment*.

  • Using Wi-Fi Direct, up to five mobile devices can be connected simultaneously at given time with single multifunction device
  • * Optional.


Safeguard Important Information

Information is an important asset which should be protected at all cost

Protect from unauthorised user

Multiple options of setting user authorisation allow administrator to select a right combination as per given environment.

  • Local Authentication
  • Authentication by Remote Server*
  • IC Card Authentication*
  • User-specific feature access
  • Private Charge Print
  • * Optional.

Additional layer of unwanted access can be created for specific users. (e.g. guests).

  • Secondary Ethernet Kit*
  • * Optional.

Protects Data

Protects against any malicious intent of hacking, tampering with device / system settings.

  • Encryption of stored data
  • Uses TPM* 2.0 chip for encryption key management
  • Deletes settings and document information all at once
  • * Trusted Platform Module

Protects the information by means of strong encryption while transferring it between devices, servers etc.

  • Encryption of communication paths by SSL/TLS or IPsec
  • Encryption when transferring via SMBv3 and SFTP
  • Scan file encryption/signature
  • Email encryption and signature by S/MIME
  • TLS version limit
  • Elliptic curve cryptography
  • WPA3

Protect from unauthorised access

Protects device settings at multiple levels by clearly demarking change restrictions for different target audience - End users, IT administrators and Service Engineers.

  • Service representative operation restriction
  • Account lock to prevent unauthorised access
  • Information for changing the default password
  • Warnings displayed when using global IP address

Prevents unauthorised program from installing without notice. Robust IT audits are supported with device data logs for easy tracking.

  • Software signature verification
  • Remote update restrictions
  • IP address filtering
  • Tampering detection at startup and automatic restoration when tampering is detected
  • Prevention of tampering during operation
  • Audit log
  • Audit log system transfer

Prevents operation errors

Prevents information leakage due to inadvertent mistakes by administrators and users.

  • Scan documents to be delivered to fixed destination
  • Re-enter fax recipient
  • Annotations
  • Hidden text printing*
  • Digital code embedding and tracking function*
  • * Optional.
Weight19.4 kg
Dimensions34 × 41 × 39 cm
Print Speed


Printer Type

Black & White Multifunction Printer


USB and Parallel connection; Front USB Direct port; Rear USB Type-A port, 10/100/1000 Base TX Ethernet

First Page Out Time

6 seconds

Memory (Std/Max)


Print Resolution

Black: 1200 Image Quality, 1200 x 1200 dpi, 2400 Image Quality, 600 x 600 dpi

Paper Tray

250 sheets

Max Document Size

10 Envelope, 7 3/4 Envelope, 9 Envelope, A4, A5, DL Envelope, Executive, Folio, JIS-B5, Legal, Letter, Statement, Universal, Oficio, A6

Warranty & Delivery


12 months warranty included. For more details regarding our warranty please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


  • Free local pick up from our office in Coffs Harbour or Port Macquarie NSW.
  • Local delivery fee $100 (local area includes the region from Port Macquarie to Grafton NSW).
  • Delivery to areas outside the local region indicated above please enquire.

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