Revoria Press SC180 / SC170

A production printer with full office features and high-quality prints of a variety of document types in high-resolution and with precision is the Revoria Press SC180/SC170. The printer can handle lengthy paper and heavyweight paper in addition to its attractive finishing features.


Features for the Revoria Press SC180 / SC170

  1. Full Bleed Trim
  2. Heavyweight (400 gsm)
  3. Envelope 2 Sided
  4. Long paper (864 mm)
  5. Postcard
  6. Ticket
  7. Business Card
  8. Long Paper (1,200 mm)
  • Note: Samples in this catalog include those that require separate finishing.

Maximum speed of 80 ppm*1 and high productivity on mixed media jobs

Achieve high utilisation rate with the high-performance print engine producing at 80 ppm*1. Print mixed jobs*2 of coated and uncoated paper with minimum downtime along with image quality adjustment optimised when changing paper. Long paper of 330 x 1,200 mm can also be printed at 12 ppm with the Air Suction Feeder.

  • *1: For Revoria Press SC180. 70 ppm for Revoria Press SC170. 52 to 220 gsm, A4.
  • *2: When same paper size and speed priority mode is selected.

"Air suction feeder" with high media handling capabilities

Each sheet is picked up and delivered securely by the shuttle head with air suction, improving paper feeding performance for low quality, textured and coated media.

  • Note: Optional configuration.

Supports Long Paper of Maximum 1,200 mm

From 98 x 148 mm to 330 x 488 mm, the printer supports a wide range of paper sizes. Equipped for all configurations, the Multi Sheet Inserter for Banner Print can also print on long paper (330 x 660 mm) with the options of one-sided printing on long paper (330 x 1,200 mm) and duplex automatic printing on long paper (330 x 864 mm) that open up new applications and business opportunities.

Handles Various Media Weight from 52 gsm to 400 gsm

Everything from thin folded flyers to thick business cards can be printed. Additionally, not only can it handle heavyweight long papers up to 350 gsm* but the efficiency in media handling and versatile printing are able to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

  • *: For one-sided printing of long paper of up to 330 x 660 mm from the optional Air Suction Feeder C1-DSXL or Chained Air Suction Feeder C1-DSXL-L. The supported paper weight differs depending on the feeder and paper length. For details, please check the Brochure.

Wide Variety of Finishing Options

Easily complete jobs from print to finish with automated features of the Revoria Press SC180 / SC170 and its wide variety of finishing options, including A3 Cover Sheet Insertion, Punch, Staple, Saddle Staple, Single Fold, Z Fold Half Sheet/Tri-Fold, Crease, Face Trim, Full Bleed Trim, and Square Back.

Finishing Applications

Cover / Sheet InsertionCover / Sheet Insertion



Saddle StapleSaddle Staple

Single FoldSingle Fold

Z Fold Half SheetZ Fold Half Sheet



Face TrimFace Trim

Two-Sided TrimTwo-Sided Trim

Full Bleed TrimFull Bleed Trim*2

Square BackSquare Back

  • *1: Up to 5 creases are possible for mountain fold and valley fold.
  • *2: Full Bleed Trim is performed for Two-Sided Trim and Face Trim.
  • Note: Optional configuration.

Maximise productivity with Revoria Flow SC11 / Revoria Flow SC12

Print server maximises the productivity of the printer, rapidly processing high capacity jobs at high resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, 10 bit while also effortlessly handling variable printing and other high capacity jobs.

"Intermediate Data Format" Suppresses Capacity and Processes Jobs at High Speed

Text and images are automatically determined and managed in object units, with high image quality taking priority and processed at high speed while suppressing the capacity.

High-speed processing is achieved by the "RIP Accelerator Board" hardware.

The printer efficiently performs beyond the server's physical specifications, allowing fast output with high-speed tuning.

  • Note: Standard configuration.
"High-Speed Serial Transfer Technology" from Print Server to Printer

The print server processes and transmits data to the printer at 4.25 Gbps/channel* broadband with automated error detection and correction, assuring high reliability.

  • *: 2 channels used in 1 colour.


2,400 dpi High Quality Resolution

The VCSEL-ROS provides 2,400 dpi print resolution while the energy-efficient EA-Eco toner* achieves synergistic effect with toner volume control based on coated/uncoated paper to deliver high-quality images comparable to offset printing.

  • *: Emulsion Aggregation-Eco Toner.

SIQA* Saves Time with Streamlined Adjustment

SIQA will calibrate the adjustment values automatically suitable for image-to-media alignment, density uniformity adjustment and image transfer adjustment. This saves operators time and improves utilisation rate by eliminating the need to manually print and measure every job.

  • *: Simple Image Quality Adjustment.

Stable Colour Reproduction with 3D Calibration

Revoria Press SC180 / SC170 provides accurate colour calibration with scanned colorimetric charts and a spectrophotometer*. It also supports stable colour reproduction, has a high-resolution 3D calibration feature and includes feedback to support both single and mixed colours.

  • *: Optional i1® Pro 3 from X-Rite, Inc.

Detailed to pixel

Edge enhancement:

Screen processing on contours reproduces crisp texts and lines by suppressing jaggy, which typically occurs on mid-tone lines and texts.

Adjust Invert Text/Line Weight:

Several levels of toner amount are available for selection to apply to the contour, so a desirable balance can be set for better readability of texts. In these processes, the press mitigates crushing of white texts and fattening of black texts when the texts are small.

Adjust Invert Text / Line Weight OFF

Adjust Invert Text / Line Weight ON

From Monitor, On Print

Disregard the need to check colour with each print. The Colour Profile Maker for Display lets you check* the colour of the printed material on your monitor with precision.

  • *: Some colour gamuts cannot be reproduced.

Match colours with a scan

Easily replicate colours on documents by scanning an existing printed material, even without knowing printing conditions, allowing colour matching and reprints of a past printed material or one printed by other models.

1,200 x 1,200 dpi x 10-bit RIP Rendering

RIP resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and lossless compression reproduces vibrant colours and retains quality while the 10 bit processing delivers smooth gradation.

  • †: Unique features on the Revoria Flow SC11 / SC12C. For the features of Fiery® print servers, please see the the Fiery SC11 / Fiery SC12C brochure.

Supported Technologies

1. Automatic Document Feeder

Single Pass DADF achieves speedy copy and scan. Exerts productivity of 80 ppm for copy, 135 ppm (1 sided) for scan, and 270 ppm for 1 pass 2 sided scanning.

2. VCSEL-ROS / EA-Eco toner*

The VCSEL-ROS provides 2,400 dpi print resolution while the energy-efficient EA-Eco toner* achieves synergistic effect with toner volume control based on coated/uncoated paper to deliver high-quality images comparable to offset printing.

  • *: Emulsion Aggregation-Eco Toner.

3. Air Suction Mechanism / Multifeed Detection Device

The Air Suction Feeder* is installed with our proprietary air suction mechanism to stabilise various paper for high speed feed.
The Multifeed Detection Device detects multiple feeding and ensures documents are printed accurately.

  • *: Optional.

4. Compact Belt Roll Fuser

The compact belt roll fuser provides the uniform heat and pressure needed to fuse images onto a wide variety of paper stocks including heavyweight.

A. Heat Rollers
B. Pressure Rollers
C. Fusing Pad

5. Built-in Twin DecurlerThis machine corrects paper curl, which can negatively affect stable transfer. The amount of correction can be adjusted to match the size and orientation of any type of paper curl.

6. Real Time Curl CorrectionAdjust the amount of curl in printouts by installing the optional Interface Decurler Module D1.

Superior Functions Support a Wide Range of Office Operations

The Revoria Press SC180 / SC170 offer the quality and reliability of production printers, along with the convenience of print, copy, and scan features found on multifunction printers. This makes them an excellent choice for daily business use, as many of the same functions found on multifunction printers are also available on these machines. Plus, operating of these machines is simple and straightforward, regardless of the task at hand.


You can print office documents directly from your Windows PC without accessing the print server. After a job has been sent to the printer, you can choose private print*1 with authentication, or select the Server- less on-demand printing*1 *2 feature to print it from any machine on the network on-demand.

  • *1: Operation in Authentication Mode is required.
  • *2: Optional. Server-less on-demand printing is possible for print jobs only without accessing the print server. PCL Driver or Multi-model Print Driver 2 must be used.
Server-less on-demand printing

Wide Variety of Copy Functions
  • Mixed Size Copy
  • Add Cover
  • Booklet
  • Multiple-Up
  • Poster
  • Repeat Image

You can copy a specific number of the original image repeatedly on one sheet of paper.

Management / Security

Links Up with Remote Authentication Server

The authentication function prevents unauthorized access while also calculating how much each user has used it from the Job History. This information is available on the Revoria Press SC180 / SC170 IC card reader*, enabling efficient management of authentication settings without needing to configure for each printer.

  • *: Optional configuration.


Supports Various File Formats and Processing

You can convert and save scanned data into TIFF, JPEG, DocuWorks document, PDF and attach in emails. There are also options to make text searchable with OCR*, compress data, password protect it, and save it to a USB drive.

  • *: Optional configuration
Effortless document management through digitization

With Scan Delivery*, you can easily process and store scanned images using preset buttons for each workflow or document type.

  • Automate to set file format, name, OCR*, etc
  • Automatically stores scanned and processed documents in the appropriate destination
  • Specify particular text in a document as the folder or file name
  • 0 and other frequently mis-recognised characters can be read correctly
  • *: Optional configuration.


QR code

QR codes and bar codes application

If a QR code or barcode is available on the document's header or content body, Scan Delivery will process it accordingly.


Remote Services* - Reliable Support System

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Remote Services increase machine reliability, uptime, and productivity - making it easier for us to help you keep your business running smoothly. With remote services, we connect our support systems and tools with skilled teams all over the world, so we can provide responsive assistance when you need it most. This enables us to offer proactive solutions through robust underlying knowledge and comprehensive product understanding.

  • Reduce downtime by transmitting machine data to detect and prevent problems.
  • Keep your printing supplies stocked and automatically delivered, improving utilisation efficiency.
  • Automatically report billing meters to save time and improve accuracy.
Weight19.4 kg
Dimensions34 × 41 × 39 cm
Print Speed


Printer Type

Black & White Multifunction Printer


USB and Parallel connection; Front USB Direct port; Rear USB Type-A port, 10/100/1000 Base TX Ethernet

First Page Out Time

6 seconds

Memory (Std/Max)


Print Resolution

Black: 1200 Image Quality, 1200 x 1200 dpi, 2400 Image Quality, 600 x 600 dpi

Paper Tray

250 sheets

Max Document Size

10 Envelope, 7 3/4 Envelope, 9 Envelope, A4, A5, DL Envelope, Executive, Folio, JIS-B5, Legal, Letter, Statement, Universal, Oficio, A6

Warranty & Delivery


12 months warranty included. For more details regarding our warranty please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


  • Free local pick up from our office in Coffs Harbour or Port Macquarie NSW.
  • Local delivery fee $100 (local area includes the region from Port Macquarie to Grafton NSW).
  • Delivery to areas outside the local region indicated above please enquire.

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